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KoMo Flocino

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Make fresh, unheated, raw and aromatic flakes in very little time! Use KoMo’s Flocino for cooking and baking, for muesli and everything else that would benefit from a little whole grain enrichment.

Like the FlicFloc, the Flocino uses tapered, steel rollers to produce cereal flakes, similar to rolled oats, almost effortlessly. Its ease of operation may account for its popularity with the preschool set.

The table-mounted version is equipped with a hopper of white plastic and a hopper lid of solid beechwood and produces approx. 90g flakes per minute – enough for a large bowl of muesli.

Thanks to the clever roller system, the Flocino requires only a short cranking radius of 17 cm, making it suitable for even the smallest kitchen and operator!


Technical Details – Flocino

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Delivery time: 2-5 days
Weight: 2.4 Kg
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