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Salzburger Mills MT 5

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Salzburger Mills MT 5

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MT 5

For more than 35 years the look of the MT 5 has remained almost unchanged – elegant, timelessly attractive.

Inside and outside a perfect grain mill that will serve you with the most natural and fresh flour available. The 360w industrial motor and large 90mm granite stones of the MT 5 make milling a breeze. It can manage 3kg of grains at a time easily and you will be amazed by the pastries, mueslis, breads, buns, pizzas, chapattis that you will create with the help of this mill.

The MT 5 is available made from solid beech or optionally from a beautiful nut wood or in limed oak.

Salzburger Mills has more than 35 years experience in the manufacture of granite milling stones. Only special selected granite is used in the laborious production of milling stones that result in unique pairs for each mill. Granite is extremely hard and durable, while purely natural – without any additives.

Milling with granite: Traditionally, naturally formed stones have been used to mill grain. The surface of naturally mined granite is smoother than the surface of corundum/ceramic mill-stones; this may be the reason - together with its natural origin – for the excellent flour quality that can be produced.

To see the price for the nut and limed oak versions please choose below.

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Technical Details – MT 5

Approx. milling capacity in g/min


Hopper fill capacity in g/wheat


Mill stone diameter granite in mm


Industrial motor power input in Watt


Maximum operation time in minutes


Weight in kg


Max height of bowl at flour spout in mm






Warranty (years)


Wood Type:
Delivery time: 3-5 weeks
Weight: 8 Kg
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