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KoMo Granary Double Cell

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KoMo Granary Double Cell

Price: NZ$249.00
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Double Cell Granary - 2 x 4.5kg

The ideal household grain storage solution for every natural foods kitchen.

User-friendly KoMo granaries are extremely convenient, easy to maintain, and very attractive. They keep your grain properly aerated, and allow you to remove just the amount of grain you need via the stainless steel slide. The convex viewing panes enable you to see how much grain you have at any time.

KoMo uses for its granaries furniture grade, beech veneer plywood, which is both sustainably harvested and formaldehyde-free. This holds true for all timber used by KoMo in the manufacture for their products.

Mounting brackets are provided.

2 x 4.5kg = 9 kg capacity

Dimensions in cm: H 505/W 275/D 143



Delivery time: 2-5 days
Weight: 9 Kg
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