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About Us - KoMo

»Dispensing with the superfluous and concentrating on what is really important.«



This basic principle has guided the development of KoMo grain milling technology from the beginning, and continues to drive the ongoing refinement of KoMo mill models. We are always seeking ways to improve our products.

The heart of every mill is the milling chamber, where the millstones spin at high speed, grinding the grain quickly in an efficient and carefully controlled manner. We painstakingly design every individual component, using extremely durable materials, carefully harmonizing each to the whole. This design approach produces a smooth interplay of all the mill‘s functions. The patented KoMo suspension system stabilizing every mill‘s electric motor produces a surprisingly quiet operation. The powerful motors are specially manufactured for us, and satisfy the demands of even large households.

All KoMo grain mills contain millstones made of corundum/ceramic. Wolfgang Mock suggested this extremely hard, composite material for a millstone application in 1985, and the stone manufacturer responded almost immediately with the first version of the new millstone. It met with a very favorable response. Users found that it ground very finely and very quickly, without heating the milled grains excessively. The corundum/ceramic stones require less power, retain their extremely rough surface, and do not require subsequent sharpening, or “redressing.”

The ability to adjust the fineness of the flour grind in a continually variable manner, without stopping the milling process, is another innovation that every KoMo mills possesses. To change the fineness setting, the user simply turns the grain hopper either clockwise or counterclockwise. It doesn‘t get much easier than that. The wooden housings, constructed with solid craftsmanship of premium materials, have oiled surfaces, which can be cleaned easily with very fine sandpaper and then re-oiled. We use only native, sustainably-harvested forestry products.

KoMo mills can finely grind all cereal grains, large and small, and even seeds and legumes, providing they contain very little oil and have been dried completely. Oats, oil seeds, and spices, on the other hand can be crushed or flaked very effectively in our flakers.

To ensure meeting our high quality standards, we manufacture our products only in Germany and Austria. We assemble them there by hand, and test each unit before shipment.

Maintaining these high quality standards forms the basis of our daily work and has served as a cornerstone of our corporate philosphy for many years. We are certain that this quality and our passion for good food can be detected right through to your kitchen. Enjoy your meal, or as one says in Germany and Austria: »Guten Appetit!«

Wolfgang Mock and Peter Koidl

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